Dr. Ildikó Papp

• Chief Physician at KOC
• Aesthetic Dermatologist

Semmelweis University (SOTE) Faculty of Medicine – obtained Medical Degree USA: - Student and Co-worker at Harvard University Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Young Researchers Award in Immunology and Molecular Biology - Completion of the "Laser in Skin Surgery" course at Semmelweis University – Dermatology Clinic – Professional Practice and Dermatologist - Cosmetology qualifying exam - Economics University Leadership Training Institute - Master of Business and Administration second degree.


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"It is a great pleasure for me, if my patients are satisfied with my work, to see that I have been able to give them something important: confidence, self-assurance, harmony."

• 2007 – Founder of KOC, Chief Medical Director, Dermatologist-Cosmetologist specialist
• 2006 USA: University of Minnesota – co-worker in areas of hair and scalp diseases at a Dermatology Clinic, developing the areas of aesthetic dermatology and skin surgery, chemical peels, wrinkle filling, Botox treatments and sclerotherapy.
• 2006-Merck Sharp and Dohme Pharmaceutical company - Head of Scientific Training Centre (2002-2006)
• 1989-91 USA: Student and Co-worker at Harvard University Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
• Consultant at Allergan, Anteis, SkinTech, NeoStrata, L’Oréal, Yamanouchi, Ipsen Pharma, and Merz pharmaceutical companies (continuously)
Regular congressional participations
• European Masters in Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine, Paris
• Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monaco
• SkinTech Peeling Workshop Costa Brava, Spain
• NeoStrata Peeling Workshop, Princetown, USA
• Inject Now Academy, Annecy, France
• European Academy of Dermatology, Rhodes
• European Academy of Dermatology, Vienna
• 3rd AMWC Eastern Europe Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress, Moscow
Lecturer and instructor at congresses and workshops
• Inject Now Academy, Annecy, France – Latest techniques in filling and mesotherapy (October 2008)
• Invited by the Polish Society of Aesthetic Dermatology to lecture 200 doctors on the topic of aesthetic dermatology in Warsaw (October 2009)
• Zsolna Slovak Society of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology – One-hour lecture and live aesthetic intervention in front of 400 doctors (December 2009)
• Participation in the making of an international educational film on the latest aesthetic techniques, in Geneva (December 2009)
• International Master Course on Aging Skin, Paris. Held a presentation and live exhibition at the most important European aesthetic congress (January 2010)
• Baltic Beauty Expo, Tallinn, Estonia: lecture and workshop, educating physicians (May 2010)
• International Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine, Bucharest. President and lecturer of fillers (May 2010)
• Inject Now Academy. The latest techniques in facial sculpting with cannula and facial rejuvenation. Co-presenter: Dr John Flynn, renowned plastic surgeon in Australia. Educating 100 doctors from 25 countries (June 2011)
• 11th Cosmetology Congress, Debrecen. New technique in facial sculpting – filling with cannula (July 2011)
• 3rd International Bangkok Congress on Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine: held presentations and workshop (2011. September)
• Jakarta, Indonesia: workshop, educating doctors on the latest filling techniques (September 2011)
• Tokyo, Japan: Workshops on the topic of facial rejuvenation (June 2012)
• South Africa: Complete rejuvenation of the face, combination treatments. 6 workshops in Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban (March 2013)
• Athens, Greece: 9th World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology, Augmentation and voluminizing with fillers, the only Hungarian presenter at the event and in the fillers section (June 2013)
• Hungarian Dermatological Society Congress of the Cosmetology Section Presentations on the topic of Fillers and radio frequency microneedling (June 2013)
• FTC workshop Budapest. Presentations on the topic of bio absorbable sutures and radio frequency microneedling (July 2013)
• Inject Now Academy Rome. 120 participants from 26 countries, held 3 presentations (October 2013)
• Geneva ENA Teach the Teachers Program. Training and educating of the leading aesthetic physicians of multiple countries (March 2014)
• Minsk, Belarus International Congress lecturing on the topic of fillers, held an all-day long workshop, teaching (March 2014)
• Almaty, Kazakhstan, Teach the Teachers program. On the topic of full facial fillers (May 2014)
• Geneva, ENA Teach the Teachers Program, Training and educating of the leading aesthetic physicians of multiple countries (October 2014)
After France, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Estonia, Romania, Czech Republic, Monaco, Austria, Greece, USA, Canada, Thailand, and Indonesia, Dr. Ildikó Papp received an invitation to this year’s World Congress in Japan and Korea. Dr. Ildikó Papp works on advisory boards for several pharmaceutical companies. For example, she participated in the research of the Swiss company Anteis, which developed and tested the most modern automatic injection device, which is the injection pen.

Fluent in …
English, Italian

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In addition to dermatology a growing number of medical services are now available at Meliora.

  • paediatric dermatology
  • surgery (mole and formula removals)
  • vascular surgery (varicose and saphenous vein treatment)
  • proctology

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