Dr. Karimi Rouzbeh

  • head and neck surgeon, otorhinolaryngologist
  • specialist in medical aesthetics

I graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Debrecen in 2015 after which I became a resident in otorhinolaryngology at the Péterfy Sándor Hospital. I obtained my specialist qualification in 2021.

During my 6 years of otorhinolaryngology in addition to my medical work I have always strived to ensure that the surgical procedures performed do not cause any aesthetic deterioration, thus deepening my knowledge of the anatomy of the human face, not only on a theoretical but also on a practical level. Finally, the positive feedback from many patients has given me the motivation to continue for years to expand my professional knowledge focusing on facial aesthetic procedures, as I find it fascinating how even a small intervention, the application of a new technique can make such a significant difference to a person's appearance. My philosophy is that with careful planning and a focus on precise proportion, it is possible to create the desired aesthetic.

In addition to a high level of professionalism I place great emphasis on ensuring that patient-physician communication is empathetic and helpful and that full information about treatments is provided. Given that I speak several languages (Persian, English, Hungarian) I have no problem consulting people of different nationalities.

Keeping my professional knowledge up-to-date on both a practical and theoretical level is of paramount importance, so I continuously train myself by attending international and national training courses and conferences.

Treatments by Dr. Karimi Rouzbeh

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In addition to dermatology a growing number of medical services are now available at Meliora.

  • paediatric dermatology
  • surgery (mole and formula removals)
  • vascular surgery (varicose and saphenous vein treatment)
  • proctology

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