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Nyakplasztika (2)
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Nyakplasztika (2)

Neck Lift

The skin on the neck is very thin, and the passage of time can leave strong marks on it. Sometimes, not only does it become wrinkly as a result of the loosening of the skin, but also because the neck muscles lose their firmness, due to gravity. These changes can be remedied by the neck lift surgery. Surgery usually only affects the neck, but, if necessary, it can be extended to the double chin or the lower two-thirds of the face.

Purpose of treatment

After the neck lift, the character of the face and neck becomes spectacularly youthful, preserving its natural effect. The skin of the neck is fixed to its original place, thereby its shape becomes tight again. However, for a natural and lasting result, it is worth refining the deep grooves engraved in the skin with other treatments.
Course of treatment

The operation is always preceded by a consultation with our plastic surgeon. Neck liposuction, removal of excess skin or a combination of both procedures may take place. In today's modern surgical procedures, not only is the neck skin pulled back and the excess removed, but also, if necessary, the subcutaneous tissues and thin neck muscles are tightened, making the result much longer lasting. Our goal is to achieve the desired result in the least conspicuous way possible, with hidden cuts on the scalp and behind the ear. The 2-hour long neck lift intervention usually takes place under general anesthesia, and after that, we advise spending a night at the clinic.

In the few days after the neck lift, we recommend resting and being gentle with yourself: we suggest sleeping with your back elevated, eating pasty, easy-to-chew foods, avoiding boiling hot and spicy (seasoned) foods and alcohol. In the first week after the intervention, do not engage in any activity that may cause hyperemia in the face and neck area: bending, lifting, etc. Water should not touch the wound, only wash your hair 10 days after surgery and only apply makeup after about 2 weeks. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to wear a special chin strap for 1-3 weeks. It is suggested to protect the scar from strong sunlight and solariums for a year.

Possible side effects, complications

Swelling is expected within 1-2 weeks after surgery and prepare to feel minor tensions caused by the stitches, but this is only a temporary inconvenience. Complications are very rare, but they should be mentioned, such as inflammation, infection, and postoperative bleeding during the healing of the wound, these can be treated when recognized in time. During the consultation preceding the surgery, our plastic surgeon will provide you with detailed information about the intervention and its risks.

Nyakplasztika (2)

  • Neck lift
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