Double Chin Surgery

Double Chin Surgery
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Double Chin Surgery

Double Chin Surgery

The double chin is an emerging skin fold caused by the layering of fat in the area below the chin, which often makes the character of our face unappealing. It can develop as a result of weight gain or hereditary, physique-based reasons. As the years go by, the loosening connective tissue makes it more and more bothersome, and these changes can have an aging effect on the appearance, making it seem older than in reality.

Purpose of treatment

We remove the excess adipose tissue from under the skin and, if necessary, we also remove the flaccid, elongated and wrinkled excess skin. Double chin surgery alone, however, is not enough to correct the sagging skin of the face and the neck. The perfect result can be achieved by performing additional interventions, such as neck lift or face lift. This allows for not only the skin under your chin to become firm and smooth again after the operation, but it will also lend a much more youthful appearance to your whole face and neck.

Course of treatment

Double chin surgery is always preceded by surgical consultation. In the case of a small or medium sized double chin, the double chin surgery can be replaced by liposuction or by our non-surgical solution, the Belkyra fat dissolving injection. However, if the skin in the given area is already saggy, a skin lift may be required. In this case, the excess fat under this area of the skin will be removed along with the hanging skin fold. Removal is carried out through hidden incisions made in the skin fold under the chin. The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia as well as general anesthesia. Apart from the usual discomfort caused by the anesthetic injection, the operation is completely painless and takes 1-1.5 hours.

After the neck lift, you must avoid physical exertion for 4-6 weeks. Suture removal usually happens after 2 weeks. The sutures are always done in a hidden place, and the scar fades until it is barely noticeable. After the intervention, it is recommended to protect the scar using a sunscreen from strong sunlight and solariums for about a year.

Possible side effects, complications: the most common is the temporary swelling of the double chin, hematoma, inflammation, but these can be treated when recognized in time. During the consultation prior to the surgery, our plastic surgeon will provide you with detailed information about the intervention and the risks involved.

Double Chin Surgery

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