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During rhinoplasty surgery not only the shape but also the size of the nose can be changed. The nose can be reduced or enlarged, shortened or lengthened according to the shape of the face and the needs and ideas.

 Rhinoplasty - the course of the procedure

In each case, the procedure is preceded by a medical consultation, during which our plastic surgeon provides information on the course and outcome of the operation, taking into account the possibilities and needs. Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure that requires precise planning on the part of the doctor. The surgical plan is always tailored. Of the various pruning options and techniques used to eliminate deformities, we always choose the most expedient one - the one that best serves the desired result.

 How is the treatment done?

During rhinoplasty, incisions are usually made inside the nostrils, from the mucous membrane, so that no external scar marks remain after the procedure. This is called closed rhinoplasty. In some cases, however, an external incision is essential, in which case the incision is dropped on the surface of the skin separating the nostrils, which over time becomes almost completely imperceptible. The nose can be shaped using its own cartilage, by inserting an implant, and even, if necessary, with a filling material or by filling in its own fat for volume replacement.

 If necessary, rhinoplasty can be performed simultaneously with rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty in our clinic in downtown Budapest can be performed painlessly under local anesthesia, but it is usually performed under anesthesia according to the rules of one-day surgery. In this case, laboratory tests and an ECG and, in some cases, a chest X-ray are required before surgery. The duration of the intervention is 1-2 hours.

How long does the recovery take?

At the end of the surgery a previously commonly used tampon can most often be avoided. In most cases the so-called mattress filling is used so that the tampon and the inconvenience of removing it do not have to be faced by the patient most of the time. The final result is reached after 6-8 months. Overnight stay is recommended after surgery under anesthesia, you can leave our clinic after a few hours of observation after the procedure under local anesthesia.

 Immediately after rhinoplasty, swelling around the eyes, in some cases minor bleeding, should be expected to be absorbed within 10 to 14 days. After two weeks, you can definitely start working.

 It is important to follow the doctor's instructions, to avoid all kinds of physical exertion for 2 weeks, tanning, sunbathing and sauna for 2 months. Easier exercise can be done after 3 weeks, more strenuous exercise after 6 weeks.

 The chances of complications are also very low. During the preoperative consultation, our plastic surgeon will provide detailed information about the procedure as well as the risks.


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