Nasal Tip Lifting

Nasal Tip Lifting
Nasal Area
Nasal Tip Lifting
  • The nose is one of the most characteristic parts of our face. Unfortunately it does not always harmonize with our character, so the possibility of correction may arise.

    In the recent years minimally invasive interventions are in their heyday. These procedures are performed with the least possible trauma, the body is hardly burdened, there is no need to use surgical techniques. Fortunately these types of procedures are already available for the nose as well. While traditional rhinoplasty is based on the correction of bony and cartilaginous parts of the nose and qualifies as a serious plastic surgery, modern, minimally invasive procedures focus on modeling the nose by hyaluronic acid, thereby creating overall facial harmony.

    By correcting the tip of the nose, a very spectacular change can be achieved in a matter of seconds. The tip of the nose can be drooping, flat, protruding, excessively pissed, dumpled - all this can be nicely corrected with this intervention.

    Nasal tip lifting with bioabsorbable material has several benefits:

    • no anesthesia required, no surgery, we are talking about outpatient treatment
    • even a treatment is sufficient, no further intervention is absolutely necessary
    • the patient’s needs can be well tracked during the procedure
    • nasal tip lifting is a quick intervention (about 30 minutes)
    • the pain is practically minimal, the filler also contains the analgesic
    • the result is immediate
    • there is no time for recovery there is no need to take time off for healing
    • the procedure is free of bleeding and swelling and does not require plaster
    • its effect lasts for about 1 to 2 years, after which it can be repeated at any time as required

Nasal Tip Lifting

  • Nasal Tip Lifting
    20 000 HUF

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