PermaLip ajakimplantátum (2)

PermaLip ajakimplantátum (2)
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PermaLip ajakimplantátum (2)

PermaLip Lip Implant

"Fuller lips — even forever."
"Natural effect, lasting solution."
"Its safety and efficacy have been demonstrated in clinical trials."

The PermaLip lip implant is recommended,
• if you are dissatisfied with the shape, size, fullness of your lips, but find lip filling every six months to be expensive,
• if you want a sharper contoured lip, thereby desiring a more youthful appearance, but the repetition of hyaluronic acid treatments causes a problem,
• if you fear pain and swelling caused by needle punctures.

PermaLip is a reversible but lasting lip filler procedure, during which a premium American silicone implant is planted into the lips, which can be removed at any time. Furthermore, a great advantage is that the implant does not lose its volume, so no matter how long it stays in your lips, it retains its natural effect and original size. You can choose from a variety of sizes of implants, with medical help.

How is PermaLip lip filling done?

The implant is inserted under local anesthesia. After anesthetizing, an incision of 2-3 millimeters is made in the inner corner of the mouth. The implant is inserted through this incision, then adjusted. Finally, using an absorbable suture, the incision is closed, which is invisible, since it heals without scarring. The intervention takes about 30 minutes. Insertion is painless under the effect of local anesthesia. After the effect of the anesthetic has passed, minimal sensitivity may occur for up to 2 weeks and swelling may persist for 3 days, the final result is visible from the fourth day.

Why is PermaLip better than traditional lip filling methods?

• PermaLip has the advantages of implants, however, there are no complications or side effects.
• The material of the implant is strong, reliable, leakage or tearing cannot occur.
• It has a completely natural effect: it is unfelt when touching, eating, or kissing.
• It does not need to be repeated at regular intervals: it does not involve regular expenditure or discomfort for the patient.
• It is possible to remove the implant or to replace it with a smaller or larger one at any time.
• The safety and efficacy of PermaLip has been demonstrated in clinical trials.

PermaLip ajakimplantátum (2)

  • Bottom
    250 000 HUF
  • Over
    250 000 HUF
  • Both
    420 000 HUF

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