Lip Hydration

Lip Hydration
Mouth Area Treatments
Lip Hydration

For most, well-cared for, attractive lips are synonymous with beauty, therefore it is no wonder that interventions related to the lips are among the most popular treatments at our medical aesthetic center.

Hyaluronic acid lip hydration is recommended for patients who would like to refresh the appearance of their lips, but do not want richer, larger lips or lips of a different shape than the current one, they just want to get a little extra freshness. With age, small wrinkles also appear on the lips, which can be perfectly treated with lip hydration. This procedure is carried out with less filler than conventional lip filling and the filler is injected only into the top layer of the skin. The end result is spectacular, but not too striking: smoother lips, a more hydrated mouth and fainter wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural molecule, an important building block of our body and is present in all our tissues, so its use is completely safe. Over time - within about 6-12 months -, it completely decomposes, so the treatment can be repeated when needed.

Lip hydration is carried out with a blunt-tip cannula, under local anesthesia. The filler is introduced into the right place from the two corners of the lip. The treatment takes only about 30 minutes and does not involve pain or recovery time, afterwards you can freely continue your daily activities.

Lip Hydration

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