Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filling

Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filling
Mouth Area Treatments
Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filling

“Achieves natural-looking, full lips in just 20 minutes, offering instant results, extremely simple, quick, painless procedure without the loss of sensitiveness in the lips!”

Which lip types can we correct with lip filler?

• If the lower-upper lip is flat, thin: can be a congenital peculiarity, or the mouth may change during the aging process, but smoking can also cause the loss of fullness. In this case, during lip filling, both the lower and upper lip require treatment, the intervention can produce very good results.
• If the upper lip is visible only as a thin line: the upper lip is the first to lose its fullness, increasing the distance between the nose and the lip, which can make the face look older. In this case, only filling of the upper lip is necessary.
• If the lower lip is visible only as a thin line: this is the rarest case, only the lower lip requires filling.
• If the lip contour is uneven (asymmetrical): the asymmetry of the right and left side can be corrected very effectively with lip filling on both the lower and upper lips.

How is the lip filling treatment done?

• During the lip filling, taking into account the shape and proportions of the face, we fill in the hyaluronic acid according to da Vinci's golden ratio, which magically creates proportional and naturally full lips.
• Since the area around the lips is very sensitive, local anesthesia is used, so the treatment only involves minimal pain.
• The filler is then introduced with a flexible, blunt-tip cannula, through just a few needle punctures. By using a cannula, we can minimize the chance of bleeding, there is also a much smaller chance of edema. It is important to note that the lip does not lose its sensitiveness after the lip filling! The intervention takes only 20 minutes.

What is hyaluronic acid lip filling and why do we apply this procedure?

There are two distinct types of fillers: absorbable and non-absorbable substances. The only advantage of non-absorbable substances is that they do not need to be refilled regularly, but these substances do not decompose. At Meliora by KOC we use hyaluronic acid for lip filling, which is a safe and absorbable substance. With absorbable substances of a reliable quality, the likelihood of developing an inflammatory lump (granuloma) and other side effects is significantly lower. The advantage of the procedure is that in the case of hyaluronic acid treatment, the substance degrades after half a year to a year, making it possible to change even the shape of the lips in the following lip filling treatment. After about a year, once the substance is depleted, the lips return to their original state.
The shape and fullness of the lips greatly contribute to the beauty of the face. Hyaluronic acid lip filling, in other words highlighting the contour and fullness of the lips, lends a more youthful look, making the whole face more harmonious.

"Natural-looking, full lips in just 20 minutes, instant reliable results, extremely simple, fast, painless procedure without the loss of sensitiveness in the lips!"


Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filling

  • Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filling
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