Hydrobalance Treatment

Hydrobalance Treatment
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Hydrobalance Treatment

"During treatment, the skin is rejuvenated with high concentrations of medical hyaluronic acid."

How is the Hydrobalance treatment done?

Almost uniquely in the country, we use the so-called automatic injection pen to gently and painlessly inject small hyaluronic acid beads into the middle layer of the skin, where any cream or surface treatments cannot reach. These hyaluronic acid beads act as a water reservoir between the layers of the skin: in the short term, they strongly and durably deep hydrate the skin – since hyaluronic acid can bind an amount of water equal to one thousand times its weight – and in the long term they stimulate collagen production in the middle layer of the skin while restoring the water balance of the skin.

Why is the Hydrobalance treatment effective?

Hydrobalance is a very time-effective treatment as it takes only 30 minutes. If necessary, anesthesia is also provided before beginning the treatment.

Hydrobalance treatment hydrates the skin from the inside, making it more vibrant, firmer, more youthful, causing wrinkles to decrease and the aging process to slow down, since the treatment enhances the skin's own collagen and elastin production. It can be used to treat the skin on the face, the neck, the cleavage as well as the back of the hands.

Even with the first treatment, a significant change can be observed in the treated area. For a long-term effect, it is worth repeating the treatment every 2-3 weeks, a total of 3 times. After this, the frequency of treatments can be reduced to 1-2 months, and then to half a year. Hyaluronic acid is fully absorbed within 1-2 months, so this is when the result becomes spectacular.

Hydrobalance Treatment

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