Eye rejuvenation with threadlifting

Eye rejuvenation with threadlifting
Eye Area Treatments
Eye rejuvenation with threadlifting

Eye rejuvenation with threadliftingGrooming the eye and the eye area becomes a central issue for everyone after a certain amount of time. Who wouldn’t say yes to a quick, minimally invasive procedure under local anesthesia without follow-up that has long-term and spectacular results?

Fine fiber contour therapy, fiber retraction, is a popular type of treatment with which we can achieve tight and youthful skin and correct the features of our face with it without plastic interventions. In the younger age group, we can adjust the minor irregularities and asymmetrical features of the face, and later the sagging tissues can be adjusted more intensively.

The process of rejuvenation of the eye area

In the process, thin needles are used to place biodegradable, absorbable fibers in the deeper layers of patients ’faces. We do all this without cutting. The fibers are the same as the base material of the absorbent sutures used in surgical procedures. The result will not be an unnatural feature, we will only rejuvenate along our own character.Implanted biofibers not only have a lifting effect but also stimulate the surrounding cells to produce intense collagen. The good news is that these fresh tissues persist even after the absorption of the fibers implanted under the facial skin, so the effect can be said to be especially long-lasting.

FTC (thin fibers, fine overall effect) and COG (toothed fibers, stronger lifting effect on heavily affected areas) fibers are used in the process.

A type of fiber retraction is a type of treatment performed specifically in the area around the eyes and around the eyes, with the help of which we can even avoid plastic surgeries affecting the area around the eyes.Treatment for about half an hour is performed under local anesthesia. Only FTC-type fibers and blunt-ended cannulas are used in this area, with approximately 3-4 fibers per side of the eye area.

Because the eyes and adjacent areas are rich in blood vessels, small, punctate hemorrhages may occur after treatment, but these go away without a trace within a few days, and side effects are basically not expected.The procedure has a particularly good effect on the bags under the eyes and the fat protrusions, and another advantage is the intense collagen stimulation.


Eye rejuvenation with threadlifting

  • Eyebrow rejuvenation with threading (absorbable thread)/region
    135 000 HUF

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