Brow Lift

Brow Lift
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Brow Lift - also known as eyebrow lifting - is a medical aesthetic procedure which has one of the most spectacular results, making it very popular amongst patients of all ages and genders. After the procedure, the previously sad, closed facial expression opens up and the patient's face becomes youthful, more open, and naturally attractive. 

The brow lift can be done by several procedures, these are described below:

  • Surgical intervention: eyebrow lifting with skin excision offers a very spectacular solution for severely sagging eyebrows. Eyebrows hanging under the line of the eye socket give a grumpy and tired effect, even possibly making the patient look older than their actual age.                                                                                                                        During the procedure, an incision is made directly above the arch of the eyebrows, where a triangular/crescent-shaped piece of skin is removed. There is no need to worry, the line of the incision will remain hidden, since it is made directly along the hairs located in the upper arch of the eyebrows. Due to the removal of the excess skin, the skin around the eyes no longer wrinkles and the eyebrows are completely stretched and lifted. Its effect is pronouncedly durable, lasting up to 5-10 years.
  • With Botox injection: eyebrow lifting can also be done with Botox. We can apply this method on mildly sagging eyebrows, by lifting the edge of the eyebrows by 1-2mm. In this case, we inject the proper, usually minimal amount of substance into the edge of the eyebrows, which relaxes the muscles around the eyes, exerting a lifting effect on the treated area.
  • COG threads: minimally invasive interventions with absorbable threads are most often performed for tightening the face and face lifts. In addition to these, another effectively treatable area is hanging, sagging eyebrows. For maximum lifting effect, we use the so-called COG threads on this area. With this type of thread, we can immediately achieve spectacular results, thanks to the spikes located on the threads which cling on to the tissues, thereby securing the lift from the direction of the eyebrows to the scalp. After that, the body reacts to the treatment just as it does to conventional absorbable thread interventions: thanks to collagen stimulation, the final effect develops months later, which will be an even more significant change compared to the immediate effect.
  • Using hyaluronic acid: thanks to the wide range of available fillers with different properties, many forms of facial shaping are now possible. This is a relevant factor when it comes to the eyebrows, since the cause of eyebrow sagging in many cases may not be aging, but the lack of local volume. The missing volume can be replenished easily, quickly and practically painlessly. The filler is introduced into the skin with the help of a thin needle or cannula. After the intervention, the amount and frequency of side effects is negligent, patients can immediately return to their normal lifestyle. Depending on the individual, it is worth repeating the treatment within 6-18 months.


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Brow Lift

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