Aquagold mikrotűs kezelés (2)

Aquagold mikrotűs kezelés (2)
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Aquagold mikrotűs kezelés (2)

Aquagold Microneedling Treatment

Kim Kardashian's favorite treatment is now available! Aquagold is a revolutionary micro-needle tool, a microchannel tool made up of 24-carat gold needles, each thinner than a hair. These are the needles through which the personalized active substance cocktail is injected into the skin, which can be vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid or even Botox, these ingredients make the skin brighter, smoother. Our aesthetic specialists create a mixture of the most suitable and nutritious active substances for your skin, which can be injected into the skin much more precisely with the Aquagold tool. Much more of the active substances are utilized, lending the skin a healthier and brighter appearance.

What areas can the Aquagold microneedling treatment be used for?

Aquagold is a versatile tool that can be used for numerous facial aesthetic treatments:
• Small wrinkles
• Wrinkles on the mouth and eye area
• Rejuvenation of the neck and cleavage
• Improving left-over acne scars
• Firming of skin having lost elasticity and shine
• Large pores

Aquagold produces the best results when applied every 4-6 weeks. It can be perfect before important events, weddings, photoshoots, etc. to ensure you look your most beautiful self on the big day.

How is the intervention done?

The intervention is painless. On the surface undergoing treatment, the skin is cleansed, and the personalized components are placed in the Aquagold tool and injected into the skin. The twenty precisely built-in needles of the tool deliver the active substances placed into the hollow needles 1 mm deep into the skin.


Aquagold mikrotűs kezelés (2)

  • Aquagold Microneedling Treatment / occasion:
    120 000 HUF

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