Dr. Zsuzsa Csellár

Dr. Zsuzsa Csellár

• Aesthetic dermatologist
• Dermatologist

2009: Semmelweis University, Clinical Oncology qualifying exam 2005: Semmelweis University (Budapest), Dermatology and STD Diseases, Cosmetology qualifying exam

I spent my specialist training at the Dermatology department of Szent István Hospital and at the Pediatric Dermatology at Heim Pál Hospital. I continued my clinical practice at the Skin and STD Care Institute of the Tétényi Road Hospital and Clinic. In the dermatology department of Szent István Hospital, I joined the oncodermatology outpatient, surgical and inpatient care, and in 1999 I also took a qualifying exam in clinical oncology. Until 2008, I worked at the Skin and STD Care Facility in the 11th District, and for the last four years I was the head of the care institute. I started my private practice in 1989 at Lézermed Kft.

After finishing the exam in laser medicine and laser surgery, I was one of the first to gain experience in the use of dermatological and aesthetic lasers. These 5 years of experience is a rarity among dermatologists. Since 2008, I have been working at the oncodermatology outpatient clinic of the National Institute of Oncology and have been holding private practice. In addition to general dermatological care, my main fields of interest include oncodermatology and aesthetic dermatology. I was one of the first to work with the hair removal laser, the skin surface treating carbon dioxide laser machine, after which came the fractional laser - which I still use to this day, just as the Q-linked ND YAG laser, or also the IPL.

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