Dr. Gábor Falus

Dr. Gábor Falus

• Plastic surgeon

Professional introduction

The answer to why I became a plastic surgeon is complex. For a practicing physician, the medical profession is primarily about finding a cure for people suffering with physical illnesses, but the primary goal of aesthetic surgery cannot be as easily articulated. The pursuit of beauty and perfection with cosmetic surgery, in addition to healing, seemed to be a very personal vocation, as I have been constantly striving for this my whole life.

During my university years, I regularly visited well-known private plastic surgery clinics for the purpose of studying, during which I managed to learn the basics of the attitude and vision of plastic surgery.

I completed my university studies at Semmelweis University's Faculty of Medicine in 2008, after which I initially started working at Honvéd Hospital, and later at Szent István Hospital’s General Surgery Department, where I performed numerous outpatient and general anesthesia surgeries. From 2014 I started residency training in the Plastic- and Reconstructive Burn Surgery Department of the Honvéd Hospital and learned the basics of plastic surgery under the guidance of my teacher, Dr. Róbert Tamás and the chief physician, Dr. Béla Debreczeni. Here, I performed and assisted in a number of aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries. In 2018, I completed the qualifying exam in plastic and reconstructive burn surgery. During and after vocational training, I participated in several plastic surgery training courses and conferences in Hungary as well as abroad.

After the qualifying exam, I started working in the private sector, including at Aesthetica Medical Center and at the Royal Clinics Medical Aesthetic Center in Budapest, where I perform a large number of aesthetic surgeries and treatments.

I enjoy working as a plastic surgeon. I love taking on the new challenges I am faced with while working. For me, the surgical results and the joyful feedback from my patients are a huge motivating force.

I believe that every lady has a unique natural beauty and perfection that we, aesthetic surgeons, try to further shape, form, and emphasize, this is our vocation.
I would like to thank all my plastic surgeon colleagues who have taught me the basics of the profession and helped me establish my knowledge. This allows me to do my job with a clear conscience and a devoted commitment.

Budapest, 28.09.2020 Dr. Gábor Falus

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