Plastic surgery consultation

Plastic surgery consultation
Plastic surgery consultation

It has already occurred to you that you would change your body, your appearance, but you do not know how to get started in this regard? Have you already outlined what beauty interventions you sympathize with and would like to discuss with an expert as a first step?

During the plastic surgery consultation, we dispel doubts and provide feedback on any issues that arise. With our experienced medical colleagues, we support the preparation for the procedure with personalized answers instead of general information on the Internet. We help you to outline your goals in the most precise way that best suits your physical abilities and to find the procedures that best suit them. We outline the processes involved in the intervention accurately and in detail, from the benefits to the potential inconveniences.

It can help both parties for the patient to write down the names of their regular medications in a pre-compiled list, list any previous surgeries, and state what to expect from the procedure.

Feel free to contact our expert colleagues and register with us for a consultation!

Plastic surgery consultation

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