Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal
Cosmetic Treatments

"Depilar® Permanent Hair Removal System is a revolutionary new and effective way to dramatically reduce or permanently remove unwanted hair."

To whom and when do we recommend permanent hair removal?

  • It can be used all year round, for all skin and hair types, for any hair color and anywhere.
  • It can be used by both women and men. Simple, painless and well tolerated procedure.
  • The treatments take only a few extra minutes after the usual waxing / epilation.
  • Sunbathing / tanning before treatment does not affect the effectiveness of the method.
  • The permanent hair removal procedure reduces the pain of the next hair removal process.
  • Long-lasting hair removal treatment makes the skin silky and supple.
  • The amount of regrowing hairs is approx. It decreases by 20% after each treatment.
  • The time between hair removal processes increases.

How can these problems be solved with Dermapen?

The lack of collagen in the listed lesions is common. Collagen is still present in our body in a dissolved state in adolescence, and it makes up 70% of the connective tissues of the skin, therefore it plays a special role in preserving the youth and freshness of our skin. As you age, it becomes more rigid, less soluble, and its water-binding capacity decreases, making the skin inflexible and wrinkled.

Dermapen is treated with a device with small spikes on the surface. The spikes penetrate the skin but, unlike laser facial rejuvenation, do not remove the surface of the skin. The spines form micro-lesions that are not visible to the naked eye and trigger the production of collagen in the skin. By the end of the treatment, the collagen-forming process becomes natural and its beneficial effect can be felt for months.

How is the treatment working?

The condition for the effectiveness of the permanent hair removal method is that the length of the grown hair is suitable for waxing, ie it should be at least 2.5-3 mm long, but 5 mm is the most optimal.

The DEPILAR® system contains 2 tubes of gel. The use of gels is preceded by a waxing process used in everyday practice. Within a short time after waxing, the active ingredients are massaged into the skin one after the other. The product acts enzymatically on the hair follicles. It is especially effective for hair follicles that are in an active, growth phase.

Hair in different parts of the body grows in different proportions during a growth cycle. On average, 15-20% of all coats participate in a cycle. In order to get the best results, treatments need to be performed over a longer period of time.

 As a result of the DEPILAR® long-term hair removal treatment series, approx. The number of hairs is reduced by 20% after each treatment and the regrowth time is doubled between the next two treatments. After the third treatment, the result is usually spectacular, 6-12 treatments are needed for a lasting effect. There is a big difference in the growth cycle of different types of hair, and the number of hair follicles also varies greatly by body region.

Effectiveness of permanent hair removal

On average, we recommend 4 weeks of permanent hair removal treatment breaks on the face, 5-6 weeks breaks on other parts of the body during the first 2-3 treatments. After the third treatment, the result is already spectacular in most cases. A key aspect of the breaks between treatments is to achieve a hair length suitable for waxing, which is 2.5-5 mm. The intervals between treatments may differ significantly from treatment 4 due to the prolongation of hair regrowth.

It should even be added that no one expects complete hairlessness, as it is impossible for physiological reasons due to the remaining stem cells, regardless of the method. Not all hairs are active at the same time. Some only become active after 3 months, 2 years or 12 years, which is when they start to grow. Therefore, hair growth should be expected in the future, ie additional treatments may be needed in the future.

Among the treatments for permanent hair removal, the hair should not be removed with resin or tweezers in the given areas, as this would prolong the treatments or increase the number of treatments. If the coat grows too long between treatments, it can be cut back with a pair of scissors or shaved (at least 5mm) or another treatment is recommended. The method should only be used by skin care professionals. Each treatment is individual, each of our guests requires personalized attention.

What should you look for right after permanent hair removal?

Avoid sunbathing, solarium, sauna, swimming pool, bathing and extreme sweating activities for 24 hours after treatment with the DEPILAR® method (mainly due to waxing). It is also not advisable to use creams, self-tanners, perfumes, make-up and deodorants on the treated area for 24 hours.

Who do we not recommend it to?

It is recommended to everyone that there is no obstacle to waxing.The harmful effects on pregnancy are not known and may be used, but it is not recommended for any other use. 

Physicians Performing the Treatment

Permanent hair removal

  • Between the eyebrows
    3 000 HUF
  • Upper lip - moustache
    7 000 HUF
  • Chin - beard
    8 000 HUF 
  • Hands and fingers
    10 000 HUF
  • Feet and fingers
    9 000 HUF
  • Sideburns
    7 000 HUF 
  • Forearms
    19 000 HUF
  • Armpits
    15 000 HUF
  • Shanks
    38 000 HUF
  • Thighs
    39 000 HUF
  • Chest
    40 000 HUF
  • Full back
    48 000 HUF
  • Shoulders
    21 000 HUF
  • Bikini line (women)
    15 000 HUF 
  • Intimate
    30 000 HUF
  • Full face
    16 000 HUF

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Physicians Performing the Treatment

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