Gisele Delorme face treatment

Gisele Delorme face treatment
Cosmetic Treatments

"Be beautiful and have fun!"

"To be beautiful, the love of ourselves is paramount and to feel good about our skin and our environment. Every woman is special, unique and real, so more than 35 years ago I created a range of cosmetic products for women that uniquely fit the for their beauty and personality. " (Gisele Delorme) 

Why are Gisele Delorme facials special?

The key word is personalized beauty. Each skin is unique, changing depending on different external and internal factors (age, weather, lifestyle, stress, nutrition), so Gisele Delorme's method focuses on achieving individual beauty based on a detailed analysis of your expectations, your skin type and the current condition of your skin.

 After individual analysis, the beauticians of the Körúti Orvosi Centrum provide treatment tailored to your own needs. Your beautician will put together a unique beauty recipe for you and show you how to apply a program tailored specifically for your skin at home.

What do you need to know about Gisele Delorme products?

Gisele Delorme serums become an excellent enhancer when mixed with face cream, mask, body lotion, shampoo, significantly increasing the effect of one or more targeted treatments. The effectiveness of formulas rich in natural active ingredients stems from the following:

  • essential oils
  • plant extracts (plants, fruits, flowers)
  • sea extracts
  • vitamins
  • biotechnology.

The products contain a much higher percentage (4-6%) of the elements listed above than traditional cosmetic products (1-2%). Aroma complexes contain a high percentage (4%) of essential oils and plant extracts (6%).

What is the most important element of Gisele Delorme facials?

Arom’Active Drainage Massage

Drainage massage is also known as lymphatic massage. Prior to treatment, the lymphatic ducts should be opened to allow the toxins accumulated in the duct to be cleared. The opening of the lymphatic canal and the removal of toxins is done with a drainage massage, which not only frees you from toxins, but also has an extremely relaxing effect and immediate spectacular results. The Arom’Activ Drainage massage is the result of an exclusive lymphatic massage and Gisele Delorme aromatherapy.

What types of facials are there?

Arom’Activ facial treatments

  • Arom’Activ Essential -  60 minutes. The treatment is recommended for sensitive skin, has a calming effect, revitalizes, nourishes dry skin and balances dry skin.
  • Arom’Activ Anti-aging - 60 minutes. Treatment Inhibits aging, revitalizes, tightens and rejuvenates the skin. Recommended for all skin types.

Special treatments

  • Oxygenating cleansing treatment (for problem skin) - 60 minutes. Corrects skin imperfections, soothes and deeply cleanses the skin of toxins accumulated in the deeper layers.
  • Skin color correction treatment (for problem skin) - 60 minutes. Softens, corrects skin skin unevenness, brightens complexion.
  • Revitalizing eye contour treatment - 45 minutes. Reduces wrinkles and bags under the eyes, smoothes and revitalizes sensitive eye contours. 

Anti-aging treatments

  • Invigorating skin rejuvenation treatment - 75 minutes. An intensive treatment containing natural fruit acids that enhances cell renewal, revitalizes and strengthens the top layer of the skin. It softens the skin structure, makes the skin color even, which makes the skin spectacularly smoother and fuller.
  • Firming lifting treatment - 75 minutes. It combines different serums using a special technique (rolled folding, muscle stimulation, energy points, lymphatic massage) that activates the top layer of the skin, shapes the facial contour and tightens the skin tissue for a younger appearance.
  • Energizing anti-wrinkle treatment - 90 minutes. A unique anti-wrinkle treatment that combines the benefits of Gisele Delorme aromatherapy and the special techniques of traditional Chinese medicine (guasha massage, acupressure) It has an immediate and profound effect: the skin becomes fuller, small wrinkles are smoothed out. It provides an intense wellness feeling and vitality.

Express treatments

  • Deep cleansing aromatic treatment - 30 minutes. A deep cleansing and regenerating mask / massage that cleanses and softens the skin, making the skin visibly more beautiful. 
  • Arom’Activ “express” treatment - 30 minutes. It combines the benefits of Arom´Activ treatment in 30 minutes.
  • Anti-aging “express” treatment - 30 minutes. With its anti-aging effect, Gisele Delorme restores the radiance of the skin and brings it to life.
Physicians Performing the Treatment

Gisele Delorme face treatment

  • Gisele Delorme eye treatment
    10 900 HUF
  • Hydroabrazio
    4 500 HUF
  • Giselle Delorme Aroma' Active Essential treatment - 60 min
    19 900 HUF
  • Giselle Delorme Aroma' Active Anti-Aging treatment - 60 min
    23 900 HUF
  • Giselle Delorme Aroma' Active Anti-Aging treatment - 75 min
    26 900 HUF
  • Giselle Delorme Aroma' Active Anti-Aging treatment with skin renewal exfoliation - 75 min
    33 900 HUF
  • Giselle Delorme Aroma' Active Anti-Aging treatment - 90 minutes
    32 900 HUF
  • Giselle Delorme Aroma' Active Anti-Aging treatment with skin renewal exfoliation - 90 minutes
    39 900 HUF
  • Oxigenising cleansing treatment - 60 minutes
     16 900 HUF
  • Skin tone correction treatment - 60 minutes
    18 900 HUF
  • Revitalizing eye contour treatment - 45 minutes
    10 900 HUF
  • Invigorating skin renewal treatment - 75 minutes
    25 000 HUF
  • Firming lifting treatment - 75 minutes
    26 900 HUF
  • Firming Lifting treatment with skin renewal exfoliation - 75 min
    33 900 HUF
  • Giselle Energizing Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - 90 minutes
    32 900 HUF
  • Giselle Energizing Anti-Wrinkle Treatment with skin renewal exfoliation - 90 minutes
    39 900 HUF
  • Nano Q Platinum - 60 minutes
    25 000 HUF
  • Nano Q Platinum home care treatment - 60 minutes
    36 000 HUF
  • Deep cleansing aromatic treatment
    10 900 HUF
  • Arom'Activ "express" treatment
    10 900 HUF
  • Anti Aging "express" treatment
    10 900 HUF
  • Cleansing treatment with massage - 60 minutes
    17 900 HUF
  • Cleansing treatment with massage and skin renewal exfoliation - 60 min
    24 900 HUF
  • Pigmentation treatment - 60 minutes
    21 500 HUF
  • Pigmentation treatment with skin renewal exfoliation - 60 minutes
    27 500 HUF
  • Antigravity facial (Magic Polar)
    19 500 HUF
  • Radiofrequency facial treatment - 45 minutes
    29 500 HUF
  • Cleansing facial - 45 minutes
    13 900 HUF
  • Cleansing facial with exfoliation - 45 minutes
    20 900 HUF

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Physicians Performing the Treatment

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