Dermapen treatment

Dermapen treatment
Cosmetic Treatments

Collagen induction therapy

One of the newest and most effective skin firming methods

Gentle and effective anti-aging wrinkle treatment

We recommend medical dermapen treatment:

  • if you want to tighten your facial skin
  • if you want to lighten your superficial or deeper wrinkles
  • if your skin is disturbed by large pores, minor skin blemishes, or pigment spots

What is dermapen?

Our previous dermaroller treatment is already performed with the new Dermapen device, which is an improved, mechanized version of the already well-known and excellent dermaroller (microneedle roller). It is easy and safe to use, allowing gentle and effective skin tightening on any surface of the face and body. One of the newest and most effective methods is to reduce and eliminate large pores and wrinkles. It can handle all contours of the face, even the more sensitive, hard-to-reach areas.

What are the problems with dermapene?

  • This procedure is the latest method and one of the most effective interventions in the following cases:
  • reduction of wrinkles - especially around the mouth and around the eyes
  • removal and fading of deep wrinkles· increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin· to treat sagging, flabby skin up all over the body
  • dry skin treatment· treatment of age and pigment spots
  • treatment of wide poles and scars after acne and acne 

How can these problems be solved with dermapen treatment?

The lack of collagen in the listed lesions is common. Collagen is still present in our body in a dissolved state in adolescence, and it makes up 70% of the connective tissues of the skin, therefore it plays a special role in preserving the youth and freshness of our skin. As you age, the collagen becomes stiffer, its water-binding capacity decreases, making the skin inflexible and wrinkled. Medical dermapen treatment helps prevent and even reverse the process of collagen depletion. 

What is the effectiveness of medical dermapen?

Medical dermapen treatment is a collagen induction therapy performed with a treatment head with tiny needles on the surface. Needles penetrate the skin and cause microinjuries invisible to the naked eye. Due to these small injuries, the wound healing process begins, which increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin and, at the same time, results in the renewal of the skin. During its natural healing process, the production of collagen fibers increases, resulting in a spectacular smoothing of small wrinkles and furrows, the disappearance of minor skin imperfections and a younger, fresher appearance of the skin. Due to the higher water-binding capacity of the newly produced collagen, the skin will be firm and velvety to the touch. 

Physicians Performing the Treatment

Dermapen treatment

  • Full face treatment - 60 minutes
    35 000 HUF
  • Full face 3 occasion pass
    95 000 HUF
  • Body treatment per area (thigh front, thigh back, arm, buttocks) max 30'/area
    31 000 HUF
  • Body treatment 4 areas in one (thighs front, thighs back, arms, buttocks) max 90' for 4 areas
    112 000 HUF
  • Body treatment 4 areas in one (thighs front, thighs back, arms, buttocks) - 3 occasion pass
    300 000 HUF
  • Eyebrows - 30 minutes
    15 000 HUF
  • Dermapen - Platinum - face - 60 min
    35 000 HUF
  • Dermapen - Platinum with material - 3 occasion pass
    95 000 HUF

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Physicians Performing the Treatment

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