Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction
Breast Surgery
Breast Reduction

Abundant bosoms can often make everyday life difficult for whoever is carrying them around. Aside from aesthetic problems, large breasts can also cause health problems: the weight of the breast can even cause spine problems, muscle strains or headaches. Large breasts can be annoying during sports activities, but in some cases, they can also limit the ability to perform everyday tasks. In addition, the skin under the breast may even be prone to inflammation and fungal growth due to constant sweating and rubbing.

Breast enlargement can be caused by many things. This includes pregnancy, increased weight gain – weight loss,  hormonal diseases, or even genetics and natural aging.      

Apart from the popular and often heard-of breast augmentation, with breast reduction surgeries we can also provide a better quality of life for our patients lacking self-confidence. Breast reduction provides a long-term solution to all of the above-mentioned complaints. With this plastic surgery, we can not only correct the size of the breast, but also change its shape, and in addition to the significant physical benefits, the procedure also brings to an end some serious psychological problems.

What is the course of the surgery?

During the breast plastic surgery procedure, the size and volume of the breast is reduced. Reduction is practically achieved by removing the glandular tissue, it is mainly in this step that this method differs from a breast lift. This step is necessary to avoid subsequent sagging, thus we reduce the mass of the breast to the adequate extent in accordance with the capacity of the skin and future scars. During the process, of course, the skin is also adapted to the new breast, any excess is removed, and the nipple is positioned in the right place.

There are several surgical solutions, in which individual characteristics and of course the patient's wishes are taken into account by the plastic surgeon. Essentially, part of the basic protocol is the incision around the nipple, as well as a vertical one going from the incision around the nipple to the horizontal incision in the lower fold of the breast.

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours. After treatment, we usually prescribe a one-night inpatient stay.
A bandage is placed on the operated part, which adheres strongly, but does not cause allergic reactions, and the patient must also wear a special bra created for this purpose.

Breast reduction with liposuction

Reducing the size of the breast can even be done with liposuction. In this case, the glandular tissue of the breast is left untouched and the loss of volume occurs exclusively through the fat content.




What to do after surgery?

We recommend about a week of relaxation and bed rest after plastic surgery, after which we suggest beginning doing physical and mental work. Removal of the bandages and showering is allowed 3-4 days after surgery. In the first few days, expect a not too intense, but tensive pain, this gradually decreases. Conventional painkillers - paracetamol, Algopyrin, etc. - can be used according to their patient information leaflets. Around the 4th -5th day, itching may occur due to the healing of the scars.
You will need to come in for wound checks and new bandages about two times in the first two weeks, the suture removal is usually due 2-3 weeks after the intervention.

It is recommended to wear a special bra, which is not the same as a sports bra, for 4-6 weeks after the breast reduction. During the same period, it is especially important that you avoid doing sudden arm movements and lying on your back. You should also avoid doing sports, physical exertion, and housework involving intense movements.    
The fully healed condition is realistically achieved within about half a year, when the tissues and scars have already settled.

With larger breasts, for long-lasting results, it is worth regularly wearing bras (especially for sports) and avoid frequent and excessive weight changes.

Are there any risks?

Like all surgeries, this intervention can also have complications, which, although negligent, are worth mentioning.
If quickly noticed, early complications such as edema, hematoma, postoperative bleeding, inflammation, skin necrosis are well treatable problems.
Temporary differences in sensation in the nipple and areola can vary from complete insensitivity to mild numbness. In the vast majority of cases, after a few weeks, possibly months, sensitiveness will gradually be restored.  Breast reduction surgery can significantly alter breastfeeding ability.

Breast Reduction

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