Breast Lift

Breast Lift
Breast Surgery
Breast Lift

"Placing back the sagging breasts to their proper, original place with breast lift. In addition, the skin is tightened, resulting in more youthful breasts."

Course of the breast lift

The attending physician will provide information on the risks of the intervention as well as the expected results. Before the intervention, some examinations are also required: ECG, chest X-ray, ultrasound, mammography. During the breast lift operation, the surgeon makes incisions in several different places, thus, several surgical scars are formed.
After the operation, a special bandage is put on, which should be worn for as long as specified by the attending physician. The wounds should not come in contact with water in the first few days, you should move around with caution and avoid physical strain! We suggest not working for a week, after which we recommend gradually increasing the workload. You can only perform strenuous sports activities after months.

Possible side effects and complications of the breast lift

There may be swelling, possible bruising, and sensation of pain at the surgical wounds created during the breast lift. Pain can be very well treated with painkillers, but only if necessary. In rare cases a wound infection may develop.

Breast Lift

  • Breast lift
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