Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer
Breast Surgery
Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

"Breast augmentation with fat transfer is more suitable for breast shaping, making these more full. It is an ideal body shaping procedure, since the adipose tissue located in areas where it is undesirable, is transferred to the breast to make it rounder and more abundant."

How is breast augmentation with fat transfer done?

Fat transfer is a natural form of breast augmentation, in which we use your own adipose tissue. The operation consists of two parts: first, liposuction is performed with the gentle BodyJet technique, and after that our specialists perform the breast augmentation using your own body fat. Thanks to the BodyJet technology, transferring fat cells to the breasts is extremely effective: while in general fat transfers, only between 50% and 70% of transferred fat cells durably remain, BodyJet technology allows about 80% of fat cells to be integrated. However, it may be necessary to repeat the operation for a spectacular result.
We recommended this procedure for those who only want minor changes in their breasts or refrain from implanting a foreign material. The great advantage of breast augmentation, breast shaping with your own body fat, is that the intervention is done without incisions and permanent scars, and as a result there is significantly less recovery time and pain, than after an implant insertion. Furthermore, breast augmentation with own body fat is an effective solution even in cases when the shape of the implant inserted in the breast is very conspicuous, then, the breast augmentation done with implants can be corrected with fat transfer.

What happens after the operation?

In the case of breast augmentation with fat transfer, the recovery time is 4-6 weeks, but it is possible to start working after the first week. In the 4 weeks after surgery, it is essential to wear the compression bra (since this is the time period with the highest risk of the implant dislocating), and it is also recommended to wear it for a further month to achieve the best results. Heavy physical work and doing sports should be avoided for 6-8 weeks.

Whether the breast augmentation is done with implants or with fat transfer, it does not affect pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What are the risks associated with the intervention?

During the operation, scars are formed, which fade over time, but they never completely disappear. After surgery, wound healing can also be a problem, with a potential risk of inflammation. A change in sensation occurs in the breast area, this ends within about 2 months. The implant may dislocate, which can be corrected by another operation. Increased encapsulation may also occur in the postoperative period: after the insertion of the implant, the body creates a capsule around it, which in some cases may thicken, possibly causing complaints, and the compression of the implant.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

  • Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer
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