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Tummy Tuck
"With the help of tummy tuck, we will help you get rid of your saggy belly!"

Even with regular exercise, connective tissue that loosens after significant weight loss or childbirth is difficult to get back to the desired shape, and while exercise can increase muscle tightness, this has less of an effect on the firmness of the sagging abdominal skin tissues.

What problems does the tummy tuck treat?

• increased amount and thickness of adipose tissue in the lower abdomen
• pregnancy stretch marks, stretch marks in the area under the navel
• loose abdominal wall muscle, thereby treating the forward protruding tummy
• the apron belly
Tummy tuck treats the entire area of the abdomen:
• it tightens the skin,
• strengthens, corrects the muscles of the abdominal wall,
• removes excess fat, excess skin,
• frees you from abdominal wall, femoral and umbilical hernia,
• raises the mons pubis which is sagging because of the apron belly.

The operation is always preceded by a tummy tuck consultation with our specialist, who will determine the most appropriate surgical technique and inform you about the achievable result. Tummy tuck is performed under general anesthesia, thus a lab test, an ECG and, in some cases, a chest X-ray is required. During the tummy tuck, the skin and adipose tissue found under the navel are removed. The incision is made in a place where the underwear will cover the scar that can be seen afterwards. After the operation, a one-day inpatient stay is suggested. The recovery time is 4-6 weeks, during which it is mandatory to wear a compression garment, and strenuous physical activities must be avoided. During wound healing, inflammation, infection, postoperative bleeding may occur. After surgery, the sensitivity of your skin may change. During the consultation before the surgery, our plastic surgeon will provide detailed information about the intervention and its risks.

What to do after the tummy tuck

• After the intervention, it is necessary to protect the scar from strong sunlight, solariums for about a year.
• It is worth paying attention to your body weight and moving regularly, so that sagging does not reoccur.
• The scars do not disappear completely, but they can be improved a lot with scar treatment
• Skin tightening body treatments can also accelerate the perfect result and make it easier to maintain.

Hasplasztika (2)

  • Tummy Tuck
    From 900 000 HUF

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