Belkyra Fat Dissolving Treatment

Belkyra Fat Dissolving Treatment
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Belkyra Fat Dissolving Treatment

"A new, lasting fat dissolving method for removing the fat pads under the chin, the double chin."

What is Belkyra?

73% of people, men and women alike, are bothered by the fat pads under the chin. Belkyra is a novelty, FDA-approved fat dissolving product containing bile acid. Belkyra is an injection type treatment specifically designed to terminate fat deposits under the chin. The active substance in the injection is deoxycholic acid, which dissolves the fat cells in the double chin. The resulting dead cells are removed through the lymphatic circulation. Belkyra is a clinically tested, non-surgical fat dissolving treatment used for chin contouring and reducing the double chin.
Usually, the change is well visible even after the first treatment. The effect may even be permanent. The side effects are minimal. The Belkyra fat dissolving injection is recommended for virtually anyone.

Course of the Belkyra fat dissolving treatment

This is a "lunchtime" intervention, it only takes 20-30 minutes. During the treatment, the active substance is injected with minor punctures in the area under the double chin and chin. The final state develops within 4-6 weeks after the intervention.

Important things to know

• During pregnancy and lactation, while having a fever-causing disease, or if there are inflammatory processes in the area to be treated, the procedure can NOT be performed!
• Numbness, slight pain, redness, swelling may occur in the treated area.
• Avoid using cosmetics for 12 hours after the treatment. For the next few days, avoid going to saunas, sunbathing, for about 5 days avoid intense physical activities and sports.
• Avoid taking blood thinner products (e.g. aspirin) before and during the course of treatment.

Belkyra Fat Dissolving Treatment

  • Belkyra Fat Dissolving Treatment
    120 000 HUF / ampoule

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