Karplasztika (2)

Karplasztika (2)
Karplasztika (2)

Arm Lift

"The hanging skin of the upper arm can be a problem even for people who are thin, but with our arm lift procedure, we will help you get rid of that discomfort!"
What causes the symptoms?

It develops due to sudden weight loss, aging or genetics. Even with regular physical training and targeted exercises, it is impossible to get rid of hanging skin, because the exercises tighten the muscles, not the loosened skin tissue. During the arm lift, we remove the excess loose skin on the upper arm, along with any adipose tissue that may have accumulated there. The result is tight arms proportional to the physique.

Course of the surgery

The intervention is always preceded by surgical consultation during which our plastic surgeon informs you about the possibilities and answers any questions you may have. The arm lift will take place after the lab tests – and chest X-ray if over the age of 40 – are done and is performed under general anesthesia, usually lasting 2-3 hours. During the operation, if necessary, excess fatty tissue is removed and then the elongated skin is cut out. The incision is made on the inner side of the upper arms, resulting in a visible scar line which fades over time.

What happens after the intervention?

After the arm lift, we recommend staying for a day as an inpatient. A thin suction tube is placed under the skin, which drains the formed discharge – this tube is taken out after 1-2 days. We recommend resting the arms using pillows as support, this accelerates the healing process. After the operation, it is necessary to wear a special compression garment for 6 weeks. A check-up happens after 1 week, the sutures are removed after 2 and 3 weeks. After the second week you can go back to work (if it is non-physical work), but you will need to refrain from physical exertion for months.
It is important to follow the doctor's instructions!
After the intervention, the scar should be protected from strong sunlight and solariums for about a year. It is worth paying attention to your body weight and moving regularly so that sagging does not reoccur. The scars do not disappear completely, but they can be improved with scar treatment. Skin tightening treatments help maintain the results in the long-term.

Karplasztika (2)

  • Arm lift
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