Aqualix Fat Dissolving Treatment

Aqualix Fat Dissolving Treatment
Body Sculpture

"Aqualyx is a medical injectable fat dissolving treatment, excellent against local fat deposits."

How does Aqualyx work?

Our body contains a naturally occurring fat dissolving enzyme (bile acid) that, when injected into the desired area, breaks down the walls of fat cells, and the released fatty acids are extracted naturally through the lymphatic system, through the liver. In the area of treatment, fat decomposition is permanent. Since the decomposed fat leaves the body gradually, the skin above the treated area does not remain wrinkled, hanging, but, depending on its elasticity, remains firm. This is unlike the traditional liposuction procedure, where after removing a large amount of fat, the skin can remain uneven and sagging.

In which areas can it be applied?

It can be applied from the chin down on the entire area of the body: double chin, abdomen, hips, upper arms, thighs, knees.

Course of treatment

During treatment, the active substance is injected directly into the fatty tissue, with 2-4 punctures per area. Since the active substance also contains an anesthetic, treatment causes only minimal pain. A single treatment takes only 20-30 minutes, and just 3-4 treatments are enough for a lasting result. Treatments can be repeated every 3-4 weeks. Not only the duration of the treatment, but also the recovery time is extremely short. Any minor bruising or swelling that may occur after treatment will go away within a few days.
Aqualyx fat dissolving treatment is safe and effective.

Important things to know

After treatment, you must avoid using cosmetics for 12 hours, and for 5 days avoid intensive physical activities, doing sports, going to the sauna for a few days, sunbathing!

Physicians Performing the Treatment

Aqualix Fat Dissolving Treatment

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Physicians Performing the Treatment

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