Volite kezelés (2)

Volite kezelés (2)
Volite kezelés (2)

Volite Treatment

Why choose Volite treatment?
• Its effect lasts 6-9 months (the cross-linked hyaluronic acid is a guarantee for a long-lasting effect),
• Treatment is done under anesthesia and takes only 30 minutes,
• it is used for improving the quality of the skin, moisturizing the skin, evening out the scarred surface of the skin,
• hydrates before summer, rehydrates at the end of summer.

What is Volite?

Volite represents the new generation of fillers, with the latest formula of Juvéderm's cross-linked hyaluronic acid products. Volite is a substance that has an extremely fine consistency, seeming to be homogeneous and is easy to introduce into the deeper layers of the skin. The filler lends a completely natural look. The filler contains lidocaine, thanks to which the treatment is practically painless.

Why is Volite treatment effective?

By injecting cross-linked hyaluronic acid deeper into the skin, your skin can regain its natural elasticity, tone, and hydration, and in addition we can achieve a tightening and lifting effect. Volite was specifically designed to help gain extra hydration and can be used to improve the overall condition of the skin on the back of the hands, the face, the cleavage, and the neck.
Volite is the only treatment with an effect that lasts for extra-long periods of time, moisturizing for up to 6-9 months, meanwhile the result is already visible after treatment. The extremely thin, new generation needle ensures the comfort of our patients during treatment, reducing the occurrence of hemorrhages and swelling.

Volite kezelés (2)

  • Volite Treatment / ampoule
    80 000 HUF

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