Radiesse kezelés (2)

Radiesse kezelés (2)
Radiesse kezelés (2)

Radiesse Treatment

"Lifts the face, smooths out wrinkles. Spectacular and lasting result."

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a volume increasing calcium-hydroxyapatite, a medium-term effective absorbable filler, with the help of which it is possible to restore the youthful face shape by increasing the volume of the face. It fills the sagging skin, which is the result of weight loss or aging process, thereby lifting the face and smoothing out wrinkles. One of the best solutions for supplementing subcutaneous adipose tissue, to remedy a sunken face is with Radiesse facial filler, which is injected into the skin with the help of a cannula. The filler instantly supplements contour deficiency and stimulates the natural collagen production of the skin.

Benefits of Radiesse treatment
• The result has been clinically proven to be visible for 1-2 years.
• Over time, the filler is absorbed, but the body retains the collagen produced by itself.
• Treatment with Radiesse is nearly painless, since the filler is mixed in with an anesthetic significantly reducing the pain that arises during filling.

Radiesse can be used in the following areas:
• nasolabial fold
• marionette lines and corners of the mouth,
• cheeks,
• cheekbone and chin line,
• chin
• temples,
• hands

Treatment is not recommended during pregnancy, lactation or if allergic to any component of the filler.

Radiesse kezelés (2)

  • Radiesse Treatment
    From 170 000 HUF

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