HIFU Treatment

HIFU Treatment
Anti-aging Face Sculpting
HIFU Treatment

"Effectively treats sagging, hanging skin."

How is HIFU treatment done?

HIFU treatment is done with a premium quality, high-intensity, focused ultrasound, helping in achieving a very spectacular result in improving the condition of the skin. HIFU effectively treats sagging, hanging skin. For ages over 35, the treatment helps in maintaining skin firmness, for ages over 45 it lifts the sagging skin. The treatment is targeted at 3mm to 4.5mm deep. It tightens connective tissue without harming the surface of the skin, so there is no recovery time, nor a surgical scar. Even a single treatment promises spectacular results, the long-term effect develops in 2-3 months. It is an extremely safe procedure providing lasting results. It performs face lift, facial contouring and skin tightening at the same time.

What is the outcome of HIFU treatment?

  • by increasing collagen production, it restores its density,
  • Unifies, smoothens the skin of the face, chin and neck,
  • raises the line of the eyebrows, tightens the cheeks, contours the chin line,
  • renders the facial skin tighter, more elastic without surgery, improves the texture of the skin,
  • the treatment can be applied to treat the face, double chin, neck, cleavage and knee area, the inner thigh surface and inner arm surface.

During HIFU treatment, the machine emits ultrasound waves, which strengthen each other's effect at a focal point at a specified depth. Since the focal point is precisely defined, the treatment is extremely safe. During the treatment, waves of temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees (Celsius) enter the skin, which assist collagen production. The very high temperature allows immediate contraction to take place in the tissues, therefore the result is spectacular even after the first treatment. The final result will be visible after 3 months.

HIFU treatment takes half an hour to 1 hour depending on the size of the area which is undergoing treatment. Treatment can be carried out even in summer. It may be repeated up to 2 times a year, once every six months. Activities resulting in the warming of the skin, for example physical training, sauna, should be avoided for 1-2 weeks after treatment.

HIFU Treatment

  • HIFU Treatment
    290 000 HUF
  • Full face maximum 40 minutes - SALE
    80 000 HUF
  • Face and neck maximum 40 minutes - SALE
    100 000 HUF

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