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Face lift: The face lift aims to restore younger features

Over time, the natural collagen production of your skin decreases. The cheekbone, mandible, frontal bone gradually become smaller due to the resorption of the bone. You also run out of adipose tissue or it is rearranged on your face. As a result, your face begins to sag, wrinkles appear, as well as under eye hollows.

With face lift surgery, we can correct these changes effectively. Our goal is not to transform the face, but to rejuvenate, reconstruct previous facial features. After the intervention, you can easily deny up to 5-10 years of your age.
It is also worth taking a juvenile photo to the consultation prior to the face lift intervention, which provides a good basis for achieving the right result. During the intervention, we can shape the middle and lower parts of the face, the neck, the double chin area, or multiple areas at once. How and which areas will need to be corrected will be decided during the preliminary consultation, on the basis of the recommendation of the plastic surgeon and the specific needs.
Minor interventions can be performed under local anesthesia, but a face lift is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Face Lift - Divers procedures

We perform two types of plastic surgery, in addition, we provide a number of aesthetic treatments to keep the face young.
1. Facial fat grafting
2. Mini facelift

Purpose of the treatment: The intervention tightens and lifts the lower part of your face, the skin on the neck and the chin. Mini facelift is performed when there is a low amount of sagging skin. This is the most common face lift intervention.
Course of treatment: Incisions are made following the line of the scalp and ear, and then the elongated, flaccid, excess skin is removed. The youthful features and fullness of the midface are restored by filling up with your own fat, even within the same intervention.
Possible side effects, complications

During face lift treatments, as the numerical values show, complications are rare: in 1-5% of cases there may be skin necrosis, but this heals spontaneously. The remaining scar is usually in a covered place, in the hairline or behind the ear. In 1-3% of cases temporary dysfunction of the facial nerve branches may occur, permanent damage is much rarer. Local anesthesia itself can cause temporary dysfunctions lasting a few hours.

Arcplasztika (2)

  • Face lift
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