Botox Treatment

Botox Treatment
Anti-aging Face Sculpting
Contrary to beliefs, Botox treatment does not cause muscle paralysis, it does not wipe the smile off your face. With the right expertise, dosage, and timing, your muscles will learn to relax and keep your constantly flexing muscles from wrinkling your facial skin.

What is Botox?

The composition of Botox is nothing other than a very small quantity of botulinum toxin, which originally comes in the form of a powder and is therefore diluted in a saline solution and turned into a liquid, becoming injectable in a targeted way. Botox ends the constant flexing of the muscles, and contrary to misconceptions, it does not paralyze them. Under the effect of the treatment, the movement of constantly in-tone muscles is stopped. As a result of the treatment, the production of acetylcholine decreases continuously during the interval of the period of effect until it eventually completely stops. Acetylcholine is a molecule that is responsible for neurotransmission in the direction of the muscles. Botox treatment eliminates this neurotransmission without causing any damaging effect to the muscles and nerves.

How is Botox applied?

The intervention can be performed painlessly with a thin needle, therefore it causes significantly less discomfort compared to most types of wrinkle fillings and plastic surgeries. During the intervention, a minimal amount of Botox is injected at the predefined points.

How long does the effect of Botox last?

The effect of the treatment is not permanent and irreversible. The effect usually lasts 4-6 months. Treatments can be carried out in 15 minutes, and after 3-7 days the results are already visible.

Who is the Botox treatment recommended for?

Regardless of gender, the procedure is safe for people between the ages of 18 and 65. Even before wrinkles really deepen and the skin starts to break, we recommend commencing the Botox treatments. Outstanding results can be achieved with mimic and dynamic wrinkles treatment: in case of crow’s feet in the eye area, in case of horizontal wrinkles around the lips and on the forehead, on the frown lines between the eyebrows, in case of the so-called "bunny lines" on both sides of the nose, for lifting the corners of the mouth or complete smoothing of the folds which make you look like as if you are in an angry mood.
Repeating the treatment on the areas between the forehead and the eyebrows is recommended after 4-6 months have passed, and the areas around the eyes and lips every 3-4 months. Insofar as we have begun treatment in time (approximately in the patient’s early 30s), the muscles flex less and less over time, and the intervention becomes less often necessary. In some cases, treatment can be completely omitted, if the patient learns to use their facial muscles correctly: the muscles will not experience continuous, too powerful movements, there is no excessive mimicry and unnecessary wrinkling.

This does not mean that the patient is unable to do facial mimics or express their emotions. With competent medical treatment, unnecessary and continuous muscle flexing can be resolved, while the face preserves its naturalness and youthfulness. In order to achieve the adequate end result, we recommend consulting a competent professional. The works of untrained aestheticists can unfortunately cause unwanted side effects, for example the lowering of the eyebrows or an asymmetrical face shape. Misconceptions are also conceived because of improper or excessive application. The active substance, used in small quantity and in the right place, does not cause the changes on the face that many people fear.

What may be the side effects of the treatment?

After treatment, in the area of the small needle punctures there may briefly be redness and slight hemorrhages, but these will go away within a week or two. Immediately after treatment, slight swellings may occur where the punctures took place, which will be absorbed within a few hours. However, it is important that the patient does not press on these swellings, because while doing so, the injected substance will be massaged away, even to places where we never wanted Botox.
It is important to make clear that, contrary to beliefs, Botox cannot cause lasting damage to your health. Very rarely you may experience headaches for 1-2 days, possible muscle weakness may also be observed, but this comes to an end spontaneously.
Botox treatments have predominantly positive side effects and are therefore also used for purposes other than removing wrinkles. It can serve as an excellent tool for getting rid of excessive sweating on the face, palms, soles and even in the armpits. It can also be used to achieve effective results in treating migraine headaches.

For whom do we not recommend Botox?

Treatment is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers or those who are allergic to Botox or one of its components. It should also not be used in case of fever or nerve-muscle disorders.

What to do after Botox treatment?

Treatment is completely painless and there is no recovery time. Within a few hours after the intervention, we do not recommend lying down or bending forward in order to keep the Botox in the treated area and prevent it from moving away. We also do not recommend doing any activities that result in the warming of the facial skin, i.e. sauna, use of a solarium, sunbathing or intense exercise. You should not undergo any other cosmetic treatments for 5 days after treatment. Botox treatment can be carried out in 15-20 minutes with the tending of a proper specialist, providing spectacular results, completely risk-free, painless and without any recovery time. Why wouldn't you try it?
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Botox Treatment

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